Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Posting this as we lost another 5 soldiers in Afghanistan. May we never forget and honor the fallen.


  1. Christie's family has made the supreme sacrifice for all of us. The rest of us need to make sure that when we send our young folks into harm's way we are sending them for totally rightous reasons.

    Momma Vee and I were talking tonight about this and compairing today with the experiences of our parents during WW2 and those of our generation & Viet Nam.

    If I could save one Soldier, Salior, Marine, Airman, or Coast Guarder's life or our precious environment by buying an electric car or converting my house to non-oil energy I would do it in a flash.

    We need need to convence our government that our most precious resource (Christie's brother and all the others) are worth far more than any corporate income.

    And let's not forget those folks that have given so much to protect the homeland; the police, firefigthters, school system workers, and health service folks that give us the security and quality of life that we all depend on.

    We are in this together and our young folks have the most to loose. I'm tired of loosing so many young lives to corporate America.

    Partisan polictics SUCK!